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Here are the links that you can find regarding Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). There are some links which have been already mentioned, as well as some new. We hope that you find them interesting.

Through this website, it is hoped that some awareness can be spread of DLD to people who don’t know about it, and support is given to families with children and young adults who have DLD, as well as spur on people researching about it.

Afasic – Afasic is the leading charity for Developmental Language Disorder. As mentioned within this website, Damian has a long and enjoyable relationship with the charity giving speeches.

RADLD – Welcome to RADLD.ORG, created to Raise Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder or ‘DLD’. (Previously RALLI campaign). Here you will find resources that explain what DLD is, the impact it can have, how to get help and how to raise awareness. Have a look, tell us what you think and send us your ideas.

ICAN – Communication is the most fundamental life skill for children and young people. Their ability to learn and to develop friendships depends upon it, but many face an uphill struggle. Almost 10% of all children and young people in the UK – more than 1.4 million – have speech, language and communications needs (SLCN). The challenge is even greater in deprived areas, where more than 50% of children have delayed language. A lack of knowledge and resources means that too many children and young people with SLCN don’t receive enough appropriate support. This affects their educational outcomes, their employability and their health and wellbeing. I CAN is here to change that.

Quotation Checks/Disability - This website is designed with one goal – to help you find out how much home improvement projects cost based on real quotes from real firms. We’ve researched figures for various projects, from electrical and plumbing repairs to house extensions and garden landscaping. Rachel works as an administrator for a private hospital but has helped out tremendously with the Quotation Check project during her spare time. From sending email enquiries to companies, chasing them up with phone calls asking for clarifications to creating our extensive database of figures. Rachel’s work has been crucial to the success of our website and her skills as an administrator have proved invaluable.

Moor House School – Moor House is a non-maintained specialist school for day and residential students from age 7 to 19. Our students come from across the country, with places funded by Local Education Authorities.

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SpeechBlog – This site is a quickly growing one-stop shop for information, resources and advice on helping children with speech and language difficulties at home or at school.

The Heather van der Lely Foundation Trust – The Heather van der Lely Foundation Trust is a charity that makes grants for academic research in the area of developmental language impairment. It is the legacy of late Professor Heather van der Lely, a professor of Developmental Language Disorders and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Language Disorder on Wikipedia

Damian on Blogger

DLD and Me – Our goal is to raise awareness about developmental language disorder (DLD) and to offer support and resources for parents, teachers and individuals impacted by DLD.

RCSLT – The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) was established on 6 January 1945 to promote the art and science of speech and language therapy – the care for individuals with communication, swallowing, eating and drinking difficulties. We are the professional body for speech and language therapists in the UK; providing leadership and setting professional standards.

NAPLIC – It is an established national organisation of teachers, speech and language therapists and other professionals. NAPLIC is led by a volunteer committee, elected by membership and exists to promote and increase the awareness and understanding of children and young people with speech, language and communication needs, amongst all the professionals involved in meeting their needs. NAPLIC’s current president is Courtenay Norbury, who succeeded Kate Ripley in 2016. Our former and founder president was David Crystal. National Association of Professionals concerned with Language Impairment in Children (NAPLIC) s an association for all professionals concerned with children who have speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). Its membership includes teachers, speech and language therapists, psychologists, staff across the children’s workforce and others who are involved professionally with children with speech, language and learning difficulties to Developmental Language Disorders (DLD) and related communication problems.

Salt by the Sea - Through online programmes, practical workshops and specialist therapy packages, Bryony Rust help people tune in and respond to young children’s developing communication skills with clear strategies, creative activities and heartfelt connection.

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