So, what is DLD?

What is Developmental Language Disorder? Well, you can find out here.

Quite simply, it is a disability that affects the way someone speaks. But, that isn’t the end of this page as that doesn’t tell you much. So, let’s expand on it more.

Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) is the newest name for Speech, Language, and Communications Needs (SLCN), or Speech, Language Needs (SLN), or Dysphasia, or Speech and Language Impairment (SLI). When Damian started the job of spreading awareness, the disability went under all of those names.

So, what causes DLD, or Developmental Language Disorder if you don’t like abbreviations? Well, it is simply a disruption to the language part of the brain, caused by a stroke within the womb. No, it isn’t like a stroke which you get when you’re an adult, well it is and it’s not. When you have a stroke when you’re an adult, you know that you having or had a stroke as you can see it, but when someone has a stroke in the womb, they are born normally. They don’t have any of the ‘F.A.S.T’ test (Face, is the face drooping to one side; for a baby who has been born with DLD, this isn’t a fact. Arms, can the person raise both arms; for a baby who has been born with DLD, this isn’t a fact. Speech, is the speech slurred and understandable; This is too not a factor until the child starts speaking at the age of two). When Damian was born, everything looked normal until his Mother was bathing him and she noticed that his left ear wasn’t properly formed. From then on, she noticed other things about him.

So, how does a baby get a stroke in the womb? Well, that is still being questioned. But somehow, a baby blood supply is cut off when it’s moving to the brain which leaves the baby having a stroke. It is also most certain that a doctor or a pyschologist can explain it, which has been done. In Finding a Voice, there is 22 pages explaining what DLD is.

If you meet someone with DLD, there is some guidelines you should abide by. These guidelines don't apply to everyone with DLD, but it is good to know just in case they do

You can find the talks that Damian has done on the Afasic page.

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