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Want to get to know Damian?

Damian (1974 – ), pictured above, was born in Luton, Bedfordshire. He was born with a disability called Developmental Language Disorder (also known as DLD).

During the early years of his life, Damian had constant Speech and Language Therapy (SLT). His Mother had a mother who was a speech therapist, and although she was unable to help herself as Damian was family, she was able to point his Mother in directions of a very good speech therapist, Mrs Mary Courtman-Davis. At the age of 8 years old, he attended a school which was specially for children with DLD called Dawn House School. Throughout the period of him being at the school, he had lessons alongside his speech therapy. Along with Mary Courtman-Davis before going to the school and the speech therapists at the school itself, Damian’s speech improved very quickly. The lessons that went alongside the SLT was your average National Curriculum lessons, e.g. History, Religious Education, PE, CDT, Cooking, Science, etc.

Photo of Damian
Fig 1: Picture of Damian

After school, Damian attended a local college near to his hometown and there he was placed into the Special Needs class, where after a year, he managed to get out of it into a course that he enjoyed, Information Technology.

While at college, he didn't find that anyone cared about his disability and treated him like anyone else. He gained friends in two people, one who was an amateur boxer and another who has cerebral palsy. These two people have become life-long friends. Along the way, he also met a technician who was friends of the guy with cerebral palsy and again, he has become a life-long friend.

The area where he has found trouble within people ignorance was in his job as a lifeguard. He says that he was trying to get a child out of the adult lanes and a colleague came up and took over and called Damian 'slow'. This is the ignorance that Damian and the other people who are trying to raise awareness of DLD want to quash forever.

Damian has gained managed to get his foundation degree from the University of Bedfordshire where he gained the result of 2.2. He then went on to study at the University of Derby, where unfortunately, he did not manage to succeed as he got left behind with the course. He has recently found that his brother did not want him to go to University and had an argument with Damian's mother. Damian feels that the university life did a lot of good for him. Although, he does kick himself for failing the course as it was being paid for by his parents. Again, recently Damian has found out from his father that his Mother and he (his father) was angry that Damian failed the course.

Damian has written an autobiography where he talks about all of this and more in it. The book is spoken about in this website on the Book page. Damian currently works in Security but says, if he could gets a dream job, it would be spreading awareness. He hopes that he can be able to make money through the YouTube channel and become as rich through it as some of the other users have become. If he does, he says that he’d donate some of the money to Afasic, ICAN, and RADLD and then invest the rest and concentrate spreading awareness.

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