The YouTube Channel

Welcome to the DysphasiaPV YouTube Channel, well, you'll get given a link to it!

Damian has started up an YouTube Channel called DysphasiaPV. It has been set up to spread awareness of DLD and as YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, Damian thought it would be the best place to start. It has been hard work learning the process of creating videos, Damian says, but he hopes that he can make it a success.

In the videos, Damian talks about his book, and his life with DLD. The videos are going to be spreading awareness, but they will also show Damian's true self, what his hobbies are, and more.

There are lots of videos on YouTube, so Damian realizes that he needs to compete with them, and be unique at the same time. It is very complex, he says, but he is sure that he can succeed. His aim is to get subscribers, but also to show people that Development Language Disorder is a common disability.

DysphasiaPV YouTube Channel
Fig 6: Damian's YouTube Channel

So, what made Damian start making videos for YouTube? Well, it is basically because when he signed up to Twitter, he signed up hoping that he could spread awareness through that, and have the mainstream world follow him. But, unfortunately, he realized that only people who already knew about the disability were following him. So, one of his followers suggested creating videos, and the 'rest is history' as the saying goes.

So far, he has only got two videos on the channel, but he expects by the time you read this page, he should have a lot more. But Damian says 'I am going to take it one day at a time. I have to work at the same time, but if I can get paid for making videos, as well then I'd love to do this full time.'

Shortly, the channel is going to go through a revamp and more videos will be applied to the channel.

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