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Spoken from the heart

5* rating on Amazon

Personal account of DLD

Included research



"Winter 1974. Somewhere in a town in the United Kingdom. It’s a cold, dark night. The wind is whistling all-around a house, and its cold icy breath stops any animal or insect to coming out and playing under the silvery light of the cold moon. Look there, and something is moving..."

"DLD is not an uncommon disability. As previously mentioned, more than 6,000 children in the UK are diagnosed with DLD. However, like a fingerprint, you won’t find two DLD cases who are the same. I have friends from school who are DLD but show completely different characteristics to me..."

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"IN OCTOBER 2010, WHEN I WAS AT UNIVERSITY, I received a call from the current CEO, Linda Lascelles, to tell me that the chair would be phoning me in a few days, and she couldn’t tell me why. When Mike Clifford (the Chairman of Afasic) phoned me, he told me that he would like to make me a Vice President and would announce it at the Parents Conference..."