Afasic promotes understanding, acceptance, equal opportunities and the inclusion into society of children and young adults with speech and language impairments.

Afasic is the leading charity of providing information for DLD.  It was born in 1968 by the late Margaret Greene OBE FRCSLT (1913-2007). From then, Afasic has grown to be the leading charity in it's field.


Like with all charities, current affairs are taking a toll with Afasic.They had to cut back and with Brexit happening, they had to see what happened next.  Fortunately, a band of fundraisers were quickly raising money for them and Afasic has continued to move on and they will continue to help familes of DLD children and young adults.


Damian says "Without Afasic, I wouldn't be able to talk as well as I can now.  I owe my life to them and wish that I was a multi-millonaire so I could help them out. But, just being a Vice President for them, and being able to do speeches where I can try to raise their profile is just my dream job. If my book or this website gives me the chance of changing my job to be a public speaker, I'd jump at the chance - especially if it makes me rich!"

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Find out more about Afasic

Their website is full of interesting information where you are able to get help.  You are able to download factsheets to read and digest.  It is especially useful if you have, think you have, or even know someone who has a child with DLD.

If you would like to donate to Afasic, then please do so by clicking or tapping on the button below.

You will find the latest information about who is the important people who looks after the charity as well as events that the charity holds, for example, the bi-annual Christmas Carol Concert, which Damian hosts along with two other young adults who has DLD.