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Who is Damian

Damian Quinn (1974-) was born in Luton, Bedfordshire and is the author of 'Finding a Voice', which is now a Number 1 Book. He was born with a disability called Developmental Language Disorder and that is the subject of the book.
The art of communication is something that everyone has. Although, not everyone does exactly have the art. This is because, like Damian, they are born with the aforementioned disability. When he was born, he only had words for his Mother, which was 'Mimmy' and nothing for his siblings or father.
At times, communicating can be very difficult and writing his first book has proven very difficult but he has persevered as the end result was what he wanted - to let everyone know that it is very real and every two children in a class of thirty could have the disability. Damian tries to spread awareness throughout his adult life.

Why spread awareness?

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Why not?  Look at the world today.  The disabled people around the world are getting the worse decisions put onto them. This is same for the UK where Damian lives.  There are cuts within the disabled welfare going on everywhere and this is the best time for Damian to spread awareness as it is happening with his charity, Afasic.  But, it is also to show that his disability is real.


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