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Welcome to the Finding a Voice Website ~
The Home of 'Finding a Voice' book by Damian Quinn

Developmental Language Disorder (otherwise known as DLD) is a disability that affects the language part of the brain. Like with Damian, it is caused by a stroke within the womb. Recent research has shown that every two children within a class of thirty will have DLD of some degree or another.

This website is built to show people that this is a very common disability, but it is quite uncommon as it's not very known about. The reason for this is that, over the past few years the disability has had it's name changed numerous times. When Damian started the journey of spreading awareness of the disability, it was called dysphasia and that was back in the early nineties and then it was given the name of: Speech, Language, and Communications Needs (SLCN), Speech, Language Impairment (SLI), Speech and Communications Needs (SCN), Speech and Language Needs (SLN). Finally, in the recent years, a group of psychologists and doctors agreed on a name which could be given to the disability and thus was born Developmental Language Disorder!

So, why does the disability need awareness? Well, as aforementioned, it is an uncommon disability so there are many people who are in the dark about it. There may be a parent or school teacher who just think that the child isjust being lazy or just obstructive due to not talking and yet, the child may not as they could have DLD. The website will also try to show how the disability has affected Damian (see: 'What is DLD') and show you how to act when you meet someone with DLD.

Also, this website, along with Damian's book (see 'Finding a Voice ~ The Book') is created to hopefully do the following four things:

Research: This is very much needed. We don't know exactly how the disability is caused, Damian thinks that his was caused by a stroke within the womb, so this website hopes to spur on more professionals to research the cause of DLD.
Educate: This website hopes to educate the mainstream community in what DLD is, what it's like to have it, and more.
Support: This website hopes to support anyone who has DLD in understanding that they're not the only one.
And finally, Spread Awareness: This website doesn't just educate, but it also hopes to spread awareness. This category coincide with the 'Educate' category.

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